6 months after joining Truffaut as CEO, Gilles Mollard mobilizes all the employees to implement the 4-year strategic plan.



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Founded in 1824 by the Truffaut family, the garden center has been run since 2015 by Gilles Mollard. Since its creation, the brand has developed with the objective of bringing the art and pleasure of the garden within everyone's reach. Today, its 58 stores offer indoor and outdoor plants, garden furniture, the tools needed to decorate your exterior and also a pet store.

In 2017, with 400,000m² of sales area and more than 2,500 employees, Truffaut achieved a turnover of 458 million euros.

Realize a new strategic plan

In taking over from Daniel Metivet at the head of the Truffaut company, Gilles Mollard had given himself 100 days to prepare his amazement report and define his new strategic plan.

From his reflections emerged the project “Gardening for tomorrow”. All that remained to be done was to get all of the company's employees on board in this new project, and to transform it into concrete actions ...

For Gilles Mollard, as the new CEO, iDay was the ideal solution to “give new impetus without revolution”.

More than 60% of Truffaut employees have connected to the platform


Gilles Mollard
CEO at Truffaut
When Nexenture presented its iDay project for Truffaut to us, we immediately embraced the idea of involving all our employees in the business plan through their good ideas. Choosing Nexenture was choosing a successful project and it worked since iDay delivered its results with a high participation rate, many ideas from the field that could be implemented, a strong dynamic in the corporate culture and the commitment to the “Gardening for tomorrow” project !
Arnaud Callendret
Marketing Director at Nexenture
When a leader takes the reins of a company, he must immediately take on a leadership role to set the course and generate confidence in his teams. He does not yet know his collaborators well and his employees do not yet know him either. For Gilles Mollard, iDay was a great way to inspire his teams with an innovative approach and to show them the path he was taking them on for years to come.

Innovation as a central value and a driver of growth

1st brand to create stores specializing in fresh fruits and rare vegetables, 1st modern garden center, e-commerce site, pop-up store, compact urban garden center... For 200 years Truffaut has been constantly looking for innovation and new concepts, which ensures a turnover which grows twice as fast as the average of the sector.

To fulfill the objective of becoming the leading brand in the garden sector and leading sustainable growth over the long term, the new business project "Gardening for tomorrow" is based on 4 pillars: the customer, the offer and the access to the offer, competitiveness and the team, divided into around fifteen projects.

Thanks to iDay, Gilles Mollard was able to mobilize his employees on specific and strategic themes, thus ensuring as many ideas as possible that were relevant and immediately usable.


On participation by theme

+ more than 1/3 of ideas

aim to improve customer satisfaction.

(through new services, new products, digital development, customer relations ...)

more than 1,500 concern the offer and access to products

19% of ideas deal with teamwork improvement

On the move to make

Truffaut grow up


Quick Wins

To quickly implement


Gold nuggets

Particularly innovative