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Precia Molen wants to unite all its employees after several companies’ acquisition.



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Group presentation

Precia Molen is a family group, based in Privas, Ardèche. The company, still 52% owned by the Eschavaril family, is managed by René Colombel, its CEO.

Precia Molen specializes in weighing solutions for industry and commerce. The weighing systems manufactured by Precia Molen range from weight / price scales intended for traders, to very large capacity cranes for weighing heavy goods vehicles, including weighing for the food industry or continuous weighing, particularly widespread in the field of extraction and quarrying.

Precia Molen achieved a turnover of 124 million euros in 2017. The group has 1,100 employees in 18 countries, 7 production sites and 53 agencies in France.

Federate after several acquisitions

After growing in particular through acquisitions in order to expand internationally, Precia Molen wishes to strengthen the feeling of belonging of employees to the group. Over the years, actions have been taken to integrate the acquired companies. However, there are still disparities and attachment to the group is not felt in the same way in all entities.

In this context, iDay plays a unifying role by mobilizing all employees behind the same banner.

Contrary to what the Management team perceived, the results show that employees’ massive participation reflects their attachment to the Group. In particular, the desire to make a positive contribution for the teams has resulted in a massive contribution in the "Better Collaborate Together" theme. This category, out of the 6 proposed in total, received 27.5% of the ideas and these ideas were provided from the head office as well as from the subsidiaries.

8 of the 17 subsidiaries of the group participated more than the head office of Precia Molen.

158 ideas of the 241 ideas retained following the analysis, 158 came from subsidiaries

Trophy of honor for India A trophy of honor was even presented to India for the record participation : 93 employees, 88 participants and nearly 160 ideas.


Michael Furlong
Director of Precia Molen Ireland
When I first received the email about the idays I was thinking it was a waste of time. […] It turns out that this was an excellent idea and we received many contributions […] for PMI it was a very good idea and if we keep it up I think it will help us going forward.
René Colombel
Over the years I have helped this company to grow, particularly with acquisitions in France and internationally. So that the Precia Molen spirit is not diluted over time, it is important to share and build a common history. We are proud to have been able to lead the iDay project with all our teams. This allows them to see that their challenges are shared by the other subsidiaries and by the head office. This is decisive for going further together.

Identifying talents

iDay allows employees far from headquarters (geographically or hierarchically) to contribute on topics that matter most to the future of the group.

Precia Molen’s management team was even able to identify during the jury some real champions in the subsidiaries that would not necessarily have been brought to light in the day-to-day work.

5 of the 6 ideas rewarded by the Management Committee come from the subsidiaries.

Always innovate, by mobilizing the whole company

Precia Molen owes its leadership position in France to its ability to innovate. With the objective of reaching 135 million euros by 2020, innovation must remain at the heart of employees' concerns. Product innovation but above all service innovation because the subsidiary Precia Molen Service already provides 50% of the group's turnover and significant profitability.

iDay acted as a catalyst in aligning all employees on the same issues.


On participation by theme

46% of ideas

were customer-oriented

(through new services, new products, digital development, customer relations, etc.)

40 ideas for new services

69 ideas for offering new services

32 ideas to improve customer satisfaction

On taking action




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