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The Eram group is boosting its strategic plan by involving all its employees in a digital event.



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French and family group still 100% owned by the Biotteau family, the Eram group is chaired by Xavier Biotteau, grandson of the founder.

Specialized in the distribution of shoes, clothing and accessories in stores and on the internet, the Eram group brings together 11 accessible and responsible fashion brands. Its 1,500 points of sale, 10 e-commerce sites and 3 manufacturing plants in France make it one of the leading distributors of shoes and clothing in Europe, and the leading French shoe manufacturer. The Eram group achieved a turnover of 1.48 billion in 2016.

Boost the strategic plan of a large group

In a complicated and very competitive economic context, the Eram group has a clear strategy to maintain its leadership position :

- Create or buy new brands to position itself in new segments,

- Offer ever more innovative products and services,

- Integrate more digital into the customer relationship while maintaining a quality relationship,

- Promote sustainable fashion,

- Develop internationally, ...

The strategic plan is clear, but over the years, we must succeed in revitalizing it, nurturing it and transforming it into concrete actions.


Xavier Biotteau
CEO at Eram Group
iDay was our first digital, collaborative and interactive event to bring together our 11,000 employees in France and internationally. iDay has enabled us to strengthen our group culture and accelerate our internal digital transformation, which is a real success!
Etienne Ageneau
HR Transformer Group
Beyond the many nuggets brought up during iDay, the event and the tool allowed us to measure the high degree of maturity and commitment of our teams and to highlight our talents !
Chloé Pietraszewski
iDay Project leader
iDay puts the company ‘s strategic topics at employees’ agenda and invites each employee to actively contribute with his/her ideas. To breathe new life into a strategic plan and reaffirm the course to be taken for thousands of employees at the same time, iDay is a real catalyst.

Put strategy at the heart of all employees’ actions

When you chair a large group like Eram, with thousands of collaborators spread all over the world, you don't often have the opportunity to address everyone at the same time, and even less to ensure that everyone has understood and assimilated the messages that we tried to convey to him.

iDay was for Xavier Biotteau a unique opportunity to communicate his strategy: « to be an accessible and responsible fashion group », to all employees, but above all to make everyone aware that each has the possibility and the responsibility to apply the objectives set by the strategic axes in its daily work.

By proposing concrete ideas to set up at their level, Eram's 11,000 employees understood the impact of the group strategy on their work, and how to implement and contribute to it on a daily basis, at their level.

Almost 70% of the group's employees have logged in to the platform, more than 1 in 2 posted at least one idea, and none of the proposed themes was left out!


18 172 ideas

to bring the strategy plan to life and implement it at all levels

more than 50%

of participation for all group brands

69 ideas

To offer new services


ideas/projects studied

Almost 60% of customer-oriented ideas (new products and services, improvement of the shopping experience, etc.)