CEOs, engage all your employees on your strategic orientations.

Connect during 24 hours, all your employees, from operators to executives, to share their best ideas on your strategic orientations.

We have worked with

more than 120 CEOs.

Get their

Your strategy
in actions

Whatever your challenges, your teams have the expertise and knowledge to solve them. Let them share their ideas and engage on the topics that matter to you.


Start 10 minutes earlier to finish arranging shelves before first clients arrive and be available faster for them.

18 supports


Integrate RFID tags in subassemblies to detect the exit of the factory, the access to the customer site and the end of installation.

55 supports


At the end of P2 line, install side bins to recover scrap materiel that we can reuse on P1 line. Less time needed for cleaning. Same quality for the final product.

32 supports

One team. One family

iDay is a unique opportunity to engage the teams throughout your entire organization. iDay is a digital event, involving all employees regardless of their role, language, location or connectivity.

Engagement is
the new Management

Your strategy is at the core of iDay allowing all your employees to reclaim it at their level. You send a very strong message to your managers empowering them as leaders who encourage and engage their teams.

Alexandre Mérieux
CEO at Biomérieux
« iDay is a real vector of employee engagement. Over the course of a day, nearly 75% of the 10.000 bioMérieux employees around the world have logged in and posted more than 19.000 ideas. »
Jean-Baptiste Santoul
CEO at Ferrero France
« iDay was a great experience thanks to teams from HQ, Manufacturing plants and sales teams that showed a massive 77% engagement and high-quality ideas. »
Bertrand Alloin
CEO at Firalp
« After 16 months marked by the COVID-19 crisis, we experienced an exceptional iDay within the Firalp group. […]We reached more than 67% of participation and succeeded in reaching all employees, even non-connected […] spread over 60 locations. This is a great success, experienced in teams in the field, which brings many concrete ideas to be deployed in the years to come. »

A turnkey digital event
for CEOs

Align HQ and field workers with your strategy

Generate short & mid term actions

Use data to understand engagement through your company

Involve massively to transform your organization


average participation

Why iDay ?


They are key to explain, build trust and motivate. We engage them before, during and after iDay.

Connect the

With iDay, no one is on the sideline. We know how to make every voice count.

Focus the event on 24h

A short digital event generates emulation and increases the participation.


Bring fun on a strategic topic is a guarantee for strong support.