There is always a good reason for the CEO to launch iDay

We have launched iDay in more than 150 companies. Their contexts were different but the experience confirms it : all leaders decided to go with iDay because they wanted to derive on-the-ground insights and ideas on topics that matter the most.

New company governance

Gilles Mollard
CEO at Truffaut

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Launch / Boost the strategic plan

Xavier Biotteau
CEO at Groupe Eram

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Align teams after external growths

René Colombel
CEO at Precia Molen

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Mobilize teams on a major stake

Crédit Agricole

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Transform management routines

Christopher Guerin
CEO at Nexans

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Strategic adoption, unified culture

Hugues de Marnes
Managing Director at WATTS France

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Boost strategy and adapt to the market


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Key figures about iDay

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Start-up & Big companies collaboration

iDay is an ambitious and impactful project. We are extremely proud of our customers and the confidence they have in our team. Every reference we display refers to a global project, decided by the CEO and involving all the employees.